23 thoughts on “Brave Couple Epiode 8 [Eng Sub]

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  2. kyaa ❤ thanks so much for this episode as weell *_*!
    can't wait to see it! xDD
    thanks thanks thaaaaanks!

  3. I understand that for the viewing audience by disclosing past personal relationships makes good entertainment. Taking into consideration that both parties have lived separate adult lives for the past twenty years you should accept the fact that they may have experienced various relationships during that time frame. If any of these past relationships were all that well meaning, don’t you think they would have pursued it and would be married by now? So what if they have a past… what is important is that they are together today and can enjoy and experience the moment. If given the opportunity, they may find that their fate really does connect them to each other. Why not leave them alone to pursue what feels right for them!

  4. I’ll be looking forward to MF links, thank you for subbing the brave couple eps! I have generally enjoyed WGM for what is is (semi-scripted reality tv), but I feel like this couple is truly perfect for each other… At least judging by what we see on the show. Ah~ let’s hope they really end up together ^^”

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