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-Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun Couple-

           “According to info released about Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun they became a third couple. A  representative of “We Got Married” stated, “we’ve mostly had idol couples, so we decided to go with a different route by showcasing the love story of an older and more experienced couple.”

         There total package of zero fakeness , entitled them as the Brave Couple!

         Will these be the way for them to harbor many viewers or a situation for them to be lifetime couple? If you ask us, we want both! But before being a witness to their journey let’s take a closer look at these two lovers individually.


Basic Information:

Chinese name: Pu Suxian
Foreign Name: 박소현, Park So-Hyun
Occupation: TV artists, broadcasters
Nationality: South Korea
Hometown: Seoul
Date of Birth: February 11, 1971
Brokerage firm: SidusHQ Entertainment
Debut Time: 1993SBS “starting the morning in Seoul,” a reporter
Height and weight: 164cm, 44kg
Blood type: O type
Family members: parents, younger brother
Hobbies: skiing, swimming
Specialty: Ballet
Ideal type: You can give your heart to him and men feel calm
Favorite Food: Sushi

Education: Sungkyunkwan University – University College of speech information (training), Ewha Womans University – Dance Department (BA), Sin and the arts high school, middle school art and cents

*Personal honor
2010: Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, ambassador Revenue
2007: ambassador Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do

2011: The Voice of SBS Awards
2010: Blue Media Award Speech Award
2009: Republic of Korea, the image of the Tenth Arts Awards MC sector the most photogenic award
2007: SBS Broadcasting Academy Awards MC sector TV Star Award for Women
2004: SBS Drama Awards Special Award for Radio sector

2011: MBC “We Got Married” (우리 결혼 했어요)
2011: TvN “God’s dinner table” (신의 밥상)
2010: SBS plus “Kiss and the City” (키스 앤 더 시티)
2010: QTV “Viva” (여자 만세)
2008: East Asian TV “Pusu Xian’s Secret Garden” (박소현 의 Secret Garden)
2007: SBS “beautiful Sunday” (일요일 이 좋다)
2005: MBC “that family love” (가족애 발견)
Since 2002: SBS “moment of day to capture the human world” (순간 포착 세상에 이런일 이)
2002: MBC “starting Saturday,” (토요일 엔 떠나 볼까)

【TV】 work
2009: MBC “Triple”
2008: SBS “the glory of the house”
2007: KBS2 “good woman day red”
2004: MBC “Kao fairy”
2003: KBS2 “Rose fence”
2001: SBS “the couple’s life” (이부 부가 사는법)
1997: SBS “across the horizon”
1996: SBS “urban men and women”
1996: MBC “open up”
1995: SBS “mysterious mirror”
1994: MBC “General Hospital 1”
1992: KBS2 “Tomorrow’s Love”

】 【Films
2010: “Festival” (페스티발) (special star) (make-up played to a beautiful white sister Jin Hee)
2003: “Man to Mars” (화성 으로 간 사나이 / A Man Who Went to Mars) (played by Shin Mei)
1997: “loser Resurrection War” (패자 부활전 / Repechage) (played Suzhen)

】 【Radio programs
Since 2008: SBS Radio “Pusu Xian’s Love Game”

】 【Variety show
100,119 Topics: Winter Series 10 Idol Series (Part One): crisis or opportunity
100,119 Topics: Winter Series 10 Idol Series (below): crisis or opportunity
101007 KBS “Happy Together” guests
110203 SBS Star couples fight the most guests
110409 MBC We Got Married  with Kim Won Joon

Credit: Baidu

Basic Information:
Chinese name: Jin Yuanjun
Foreign Name: 김원준, Kim Won-Jun
Occupation: Singer, actor musical
Nationality: South Korea
Date of Birth: February 16, 1973
Brokerage firm: Hunusen
Debut: 1992 Series Release 1
Height and weight: 178cm, 65kg
Blood type: AB type
Family members: parents, brother, sister
Respective portfolio: VEIL; M4
Hobbies: Fishing, Bowling, Diving
Features: computer programming, bowling
Education: Anti-Pu Junior; Central University Teachers College affiliated high school; Seoul Arts University – Movie Section
Hobbies: Fishing, Bowling, Diving
Features: computer programming, bowling
】 【Personal experience
Combination of M4 members
East Busan University Adjunct Professor of Music
Members combined VEIL
Daegu University of the Arts Visiting Professor of Practical Music
Soongsil University, Visiting Professor of Practical Music

Credit: Baidu


11 thoughts on “Knowing Brave Couple

    kepe up the good work braversubs JJANG! <3333
    and yet… this bravecouple is my new amma-appa xDD lol i love this couple

  2. i very love this couple.. i am from malaysia.. i hope i can have their third episode with eng sub… thank you

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