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  1. Hey braversubs!! 🙂
    I think all of the facebook link is dead 😦
    Could you please fix it?
    Since I can’t download from mediafire
    The size of .avi file is too big and it takes time to download in my country 😦
    Thanks anyway 🙂

  2. Can your make a Zip file of all WGM WooJoon/SoHyun episode together to let us download it in one shot? rather than so many files together.

  3. lol im a guy but watching last ep it end like this it’s really make me cry T.T !!!! i hope WonHuyn and Sohuyn still dating after this show !!!! ;p have wonder life guys!!! You two need get marry hehehe!!! (^.^)

  4. Thank you for updating! But I don’t think the links are working. I hope you can work on this ASAP! I can’t wait to see their last episode! Hahah!

  5. Thank you for updating the page with episode 38 with English subtitle! But I don’t think it’s working. I hope you can work on this ASAP! I can’t wait to see their last episode! Hahah!

  6. Hi may I know would you be posting the mediafire links for ep 31 and 32? thank you very much for subbing this couple!!! ^^

  7. hello. just want to know if your team is subbing the last episode, episode 38. ive searched through the web and all i get is the raw episode of 38. and i have came to this website and i saw raw episodes again. i thought the last episode was out on 121217 so i thought you would have subbed it but you havent. so i wanted to know if you are going to sub the last episode. as a fan of the brave couple, i hope to understand what they are saying and feel how they are feeling at the last episode. brave couple hwaiting!

  8. Thank you so much for subbing! i love this couple and i’m sad they’re gone. Will the last few episodes be subbed?

  9. Thank you so much for subbing.
    Watching this couple has been really fun.
    It’s been a while since a show makes me laugh so Hard.
    Especially in WGM, usually it just a small grin, but this couple really makes me LMAO.
    They definitely became my most favorite couple in WGM.

    It’s quite sad to hear they might leaving WGM soon, but best wishes for them.
    Maybe they should make their own show, We Got Babies everyone? lol

  10. i was hook this couple i love them really…jalba is really gentle and sweet husband i love him,,,and i like her pretty wife she really simple and brave….and their cornnie too i love that toy coz jalba get that in cebu. i cant wait to see episode 33 part 2 english sub. thank you

  11. thx braver subs for subbing our Brave Couple…
    watching your videos always make me happy =)
    Keep up the good work!

  12. i really enjoy this couple…
    even i watch raw epi, i still laughing and smiling because they’re so funny yet sooo lovely and romantic… =)
    cant wait to see the next episode…
    Braver Subs hwaiting!!!

  13. Hi! Thank you so much for subbing Brave couple- I look forward to watching them every week! Can I suggest that you put a sidebar so that you can notify us fans of the subbing progress (e.g. encoding is 75% done) or something? This way we won’t bother you as much to ask about when the next episode will be out! Fighting!

  14. Hi there friends, I notice that the subbing progress are getting slower…Oh I do hope that you’re not having a tough time or worse, since I can’t do anything much except offering you my sincere wish for all the best…be strong, bravers.

  15. i’m just curious but are you not subbing the brave couple anymore? does anyone know where i can watch subbed ep for the brave couple?

  16. thank u so much braver team…!!! i adore u so much… ^^
    but 1 little problem and i hope u can fix it as soon as possible..
    can u upload ep 13 part2.. I can’t access twitvid.. plizz…
    thanx before… 😀

  17. Can you put ep 18 to facebook?
    I can’t access twitvid
    Until now i dn’t know the cause
    Thanks for the sub

  18. thanks for the great work, by the way kshownow has downloaded your work, it’s given you credit but it had adfly attached to it, so there still doing the same crap

  19. Thanks for subbing 😉

    Just a suggestion because I like to keep all the videos I downloaded.
    Is it possible to upload links with a FULL VIDEO ?

  20. Hello Bravers ^^ Annyeong ^^
    Thank You very much for all the hard work, appreciate it much ^^
    Big hugs and Loves from Brunei 😀

  21. Hello Bravers
    Thank you for all your hard work. Is there any chance of fixing the media fire links for episode 8+9.
    Big hugs from England x

  22. hai.. i just wanna ask, brave couple and campus couple made first appearances on same episode.. but why currently campus couple is at 13 ep n why brave couple only at 12 ep? answer plis.. cos im curious since i just fell in love with brave couple.

    • hi barbie,

      both couples are in ep just that brave couple’s subbed videos are up to ep 12..ep 13 is on the process for subbing..

      thank you for visiting the page

  23. thank you thank you thank you………..i have to thank all of you for subbing BC.i know how it feels to waiting the subs…it’s very hard sometime because we all love BC.but i understand that the subbing team have your own personal since a looooooong long time ago i decided to wait and be a good girl.i hope that all subbing team always healthy and i will pray to God for that.

  24. THANKS!! I LOVEE WATCHING BRAVE COUPLE EPISODES! CUTE FUNNY! PLEASEE BE REAL! ❤ but i notice recently that its getting slower and slower, the subbing proccess..cant help being need to sub faster or else brave couple fans like me will me disappointed and will slowly lose interest and forget all abt this couple if the subbing is too slow..FIGHTING SUBBERS!

    • @ dissappointed fann,

      we understand where are you coming from. like you me and the entire team are also an avid fan of Brave Couple but the difference is we have a different perspective.
      we dedicate our work to God and to Brave Couple for without them we cannot handle all the pressures we encounter everyday just to make sure everything is position in the right place. to show our gratitude to Him and to Brave Couple we decided that all the sacrifices and the commitment we give is fine with us because we are just a vessel of His love for all the Bravers. we subbed and do other stuff because we love Him and the BC. and when we love Him it means we will love all His children (the Bravers). that’s why we subbed not because it is only for the Bravers but for Him and the BC. God knows how much effort we put for this team.

      dont worry every week we think of ways just to make the process faster. actually we have reasons but i will not elaborate because i think it is for us to amend and imporve ourselves.

      God Bless!

  25. thank u for subbing brave couple! i really love them! But can u pleaseee sub a little faster? All the episodes of the other WGM couples are faster then this couple..the brave couple episodes are one week behind time! i really really enjoy watching tis couple but the wait is seriously too long! dont bash me for saying this but it is true..brave couple and subbers fighting!

    • Our pleasure.. But we are trying to be faster.. But we need to wait for the chinesse sub and then subbing it to English..
      some of our Subber Team are busy right now, so it kinda depend.. But we’ll try our best… thanks for ur support…

  26. Wow, I can’t believe that Episode 8 is out and Episode 7 hasn’t even been subbed yet. The wait is killing me. I’m dying to know what WonJun wrote on those placard cards. I can only imagine what he said, but it would be great to learn what was really said between the two of them. And the visit to WonJun’s home was interesting. Before fans start screaming about evidence of a past, they should keep in mind that both of these people are old enough to have had a past and that they may have had people to have existed in their lives before they became a couple… and so what? We should only be concerned about how these two individuals interact today as a couple and not about either of their past lives.

  27. i know you guys give so much just to share the brave love with us!!! i’ll pray that this site will continue getting strong… Fighting!

  28. can someone help me identify the music from episode 6 around 05:40? i have forgotten the name of the song.

  29. hey braver team!

    Thank you so much for subbing this couple. at first, I wasn’t quite sure I’d be following them but since they’re as dorky, cute, and romantic as the younger couple, I got hooked! So, thank you for providing me additional happiness. 😀
    btw, with all the kshownow issue.. I’m just curious, did RM Subs ask permission from you? ‘coz they posted your vids with ( Although they did credit you guys. It’s still iffy that they make money out of your hardwork.


    • We don’t have any issues anymore with Kshow or RM subs since we don’t have any power to stop them.

      Also we don’t own the videos in the first place.

      Thank you for your concern.

      Braver admins™

  30. thanks a lot to bravesuber for your sub
    but im hav a trouble at ep 5-2 and 6-2
    both the file from mediafire link seems broken
    at the middle ep 5-2 there is no sound and the time show 31:34 (which the original time just 14:06)
    and at ep 6-2 hav the same probllem too
    can you fix it?

  31. JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY! Why, this couple just seems like I’m peeking at someone’s true marriage relationship. I think they should just finally get married. I hope he bought a ring for her.

    • Hi Lam,

      We are happy you like our banner. Tell me what particular banner you like and maybe we can send it you
      after asking permission to the creator.

      Thank you.

      Braver admins™

  32. Heeyy… kisses from Brazil! =3
    Thnx God I found u guys… *–* I was trying so hard to find subs for these couple!
    This couple is my favorite after Adam… =P
    Sorry for my bad english and poor message… but i really thankfull for subbing these couple!

  33. Thank you so much for subbing this couple. It’s been a while that there’s been a couple on WGM that I was really rooting for. It must get really complicated with the years of history as friends. Really looking forward to watching!

  34. i love this couple… firstly knowing won jun was from star golden bell challenge.. plus he’s so funny on that episode… although they are a lil bit old but still they were so cute as i can forget about khuntoria… but every couple hv their own sweetness rite…. my lovely couple, goguma couple still in my heart..!! go brave couple..!! hwaiting..!! won jun oppa and so hyun unnie!! =)

  35. Hi !! everyone am THAI FC for Brave couple
    i really like them
    pls. thanslate eng sub for episode4
    I’m waiting for EP4
    foghting Braver teamm
    LOVE ❤

  36. Hi:

    We’re a group of spanish girls who are starting to subtitle We Got Married to our language, our forum is called HallyuKoreaSubs (
    And we’re sending you this to ask for permission to use your hardsubs and your subtitles to translate we got married episodes.
    Obviously we would show you in the credits (both work not be in vain)

    Many thanks in advance
    A greeting from the staff of HKSubs
    Atte. yuki

    • Hi!
      We are very glad to know that Brave Couple will have chance to become more popular in international stage through your efforts.

      We had discuss your message and we come up with the decision that it is fine with us.

      Looking forward of having more wonderful collaborations with you friends, as we are achieving one goal, our “heavenly goal”.

      Thank You!

      -BC admins™-

  37. i really really like this couple..:)
    they are cute together, i really hope they will be together for real..:)
    thank you for your hard works..even when many people love the idols couples more, i still this couple the most.<3

  38. Whooooooo!!!!!!! Never expected this couple to turn out so well but srsly I cant help but look forward to the future episodes of this couple! Thank you so much for subbing I really appreciate it! ❤

  39. Thank you for all the hardwork, i’m from indonesia so i can’t understand our lovely couple conversation without all your help. So really, you’re a godsend.
    Be brave and know that we support you guys.

    I made a video of our couple here :

    and i put your website address there, i hope you guys won’t mind.
    If you do, please contact me.

    Once again, thank you and fighting !!!

  40. OMG…thank you thank you so much for subbing this couple!

    I was a WGM fan when I discovered Joongbo but stopped watching s2 as the idol couples were not my cup of tea. Thank goodness the producers have chosen more interesting celebrities this time round.

    I had no idea who Wonjun or Sohyun were and so I watched the first 2 eps with a blank slate and were they a surprise packet or what? Love their natural chemistry and friendship and hoping they are one couple to this show propels into reality.

    Can I ask, is it possible to make the eps downloadable? Would love to download and watch it again 🙂

    Thanks once again for your hard work!

  41. Thanks guys and girls… It’s good that you are subbing the couple. This couple is my most favourite couple in WGM atm, they are just different and funny. Imo, the husband is funny and so far ep2 where the fake wedding ceremony was held is the best. Anyway, keep up the good work and fighting!!!!!!!

  42. thk u for ur hard work. I’m glad i found the eng sub for this cp ^^
    bt i can’t access facebook ~.~ so i’m wondering if you’ll continue to put up the d/l for ep2 onward?

  43. hi!!just want u to know how i appreciate ur blog for this couple….i really like them for the very start/…pls continue subbing them……

  44. Thank you so so so much for everything you are doing for us, the fans of this couple. Every time Im watching their episodes I have a huge smile in my face and that is also thanks to you guys!!

    This couple is amazing, their actions are so sincere! You guys are amazing as well! :). Fighting!!

      • Please send weezingkoffing our warmest regard too…We, viewers, can not do much except wishing you all the best. Fighting!

  45. Hallo, friends…I’m really thankfull that you are subbing this couple…perhaps you’re the only one out there. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much…please stay strong, stay healthy, be happy, and keep up the good work. Fighting!

    • Hello Tai! How are you? Your right good things, positive things from the BC. Ty for your expressing your support. It inspires us to do more!

      Smile Always!

      [BC admins]

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