Saturday’s Craving

 Watch WGM Live

We Got Married airs 5:15 PM KST every Saturday on MBC
To watch the show live, try any of the following sites:



  • Go to
  • Accept to install the required plug-in
  • After the installation, access the site once again
  • For MBC shows (including WGM) try typing  82048 or 89991 in the channel search box
  • For SBS shows (Inkigayo etc.) type 81037 into the search box
  • For KBS shows type 90008 into the search box

You also have the option to download the TVU client instead of streaming through a web browser. To do so, just click on the Download TVU button at the top of the page.

KPOP JJANG  also has a list of live-streaming options on her blog. Check it out here.


credit to Sweet Potato Days. If you would like to share other options for live streaming please do send us a note! We appreciate it.



10 thoughts on “Saturday’s Craving

  1. well, i don’t know who are they actually before watching them in WGM.
    but, since i watched the 1st episode, i’m starting to love them !
    they really really looks like a real couple. really wish them to be the real ones.
    btw, thanks so much to the braversubs. good job guys.

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