Kim Won Joon says, “Well, Park So Hyun and I are not an official couple, but…”

Recently, singer Kim Won Joon talked about his virtual wife, Park So Hyun, in MBC’s We Got Married, on YTN’s News And Issue on the 8th.

Kim said, “We have been keeping a good friendship for 18 years as coworkers before we became a virtual couple in We Got Married. Many asked if our relationship was real after we began shooting for the show. This scandal soon became an issue, but well, I’m just being faithful to my emotions and we’re not an official couple yet.”

To the question of the possibilities that they would become a real couple in the future, Kim answered, “I guess only the one in the heaven knows,” making viewers more curious of their relationship.

Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun have been appearing in MBC’s We Got Married as a married couple since April, and recently, they denied the scandal.