Park So Hyun – Kim Won Jun “virtual wife” is willing to meet after the show.”

Park So Hyun and Kim Won Jun has confessed that they wish to continue to see each other after their virtual marriage life is over.

On the episode of We Got Married that aired on the 5th, a housewarming party was continued from the last week’s episode. Actor Ryu Si Won, comedian Hong Lok Gi and Coyote’s Shin Ji were invited.

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Kim Jang Hoon puts his “mischievous hand” on Park So Hyun’s hips

On the 28th, singer Kim Jang Hoon posted a picture on Me2day with the comment “I came to Park So Hyun’s program, Love Game. Here is the third version of ‘the mischievous hand.’ Well, I don’t prefer putting my hand like that, but she likes it.”

The picture inspires laughter because Park is making a sullen look while Kim is looking away from the camera, putting his hand on Park’s hips.

Netizens who saw the picture comment: “Hands up, man.” “You hand must be happy.” “Well, it doesn’t look bad to me.” “That hand is really mischievous.”

Kim posted another picture with Park and Kim Chang Ryul after the broadcasting of Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School.

Kim made his fans relieved by saying, “I’m at Haha’s restaurant. I know that my doctor told me to be back by 10 p.m. and nurses are keeping an eye on me through Me2day, but don’t worry. I didn’t drink.”

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Kim Won Jun and Park So Hyun’s marriage life endangered?

Kim Won Jun and Park So Hyun’s marriage life was almost endangered.

On We Got Married, which aired on the 22nd, Kim and Park had a housewarming party, having their friends over. Famous Singer and Actor Ryu Si Won, Coyote’s Shin Ji, and Comedian Hong Rok Ki were invited.

Ryu, who is a close friend of Kim, grumbled about the couple’s showing affection to each other. Shin Ji revealed that she used to be the manager of the Kim’s fanclub. She said, “I don’t watch We Got Married, as I can’t stand seeing Kim living a marriage life with another woman, not me.” That made people laugh.

The couple showed the guests their home video for wedding, honeymoon and more, which revealed their love to each other.

The couple’s love, however, was endangered by Hong Rok Gi’s remark: “I know of a man who kissed Park.”

Hong tried to phone the man for fun, which made the couple feel awkward. The man was said to have shot a deep kiss scene with Park for a music video.

Later, the man was revealed to be Clone’s Gu Jun Yup. Kim made people laugh by saying, “I feel like having liquor. I may have to go to the Court (for divorce).”

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