111211: Won Joon♡So Hyun: So–Won Couple’s attempt to master exercises to make them look young


The couple have a healthy breakfast thanks to the meal that So Hyun prepared that will make them look younger. To perfectly maintain their youthfulness, they decided to go learn exercises that will make them look young but So-Won couple set out in elaborate tiger-printed clothing that catches the eye of the office workers in Yeoido.

So Hyun, who is known as one of the most youthful looking celebrities, recommends that they visit an Energy Exercise School and so they go and pay it a visit. So-Won couple transform into two cranes and will cause you to laugh out load. During their session So Won learns how to cope with an emergency situation and usesWon Joon as the molester for practice purposes. Also they create a new dance through the combination of Won Joon’s hit song and their youthfulness exercises. So-Won couple’s tearful attempt to maintain their youthfulness will be revealed soon.

credit. soompi.com