[PHOTOS 033012] PSH guest in Celebrity Couple show and mentioned Kim Won Jun






The production team prior to the show recorded the a video message for Suxian from Shindong  and says “hey, really, So Hyun  sister thank you, ah but you and Kim Won Jun brother ‘marriage’ never say that I am your ideal type now end you say that I am really. Now or get married to So Hyun sister, or forget it, or do not you just marry me, Oh, this can not work, I’m only joking. thank you sister Oh I could not get back to you SMS staged in Macau, not to shoot the scene I’m sorry, sister, I love you.


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[SCOOP 111012] Singer and musical star Kim Won Joon says, “I’ve been in a relationship with a fan of mine before”

Singer and musical star Kim Won Joon recently revealed that he had been in a relationship with a fan of his.

On the episode of SBS’s Go Show that aired on November 9, Kim fessed up that he had been in a relationship with fan in the past.

The signer said, “I noticed this girl from the audience while performing on the stage. She was so pretty that all the others looked in black and white in my eyes while only she looked in color.”

After the gig, an acquaintance of mine introduced her to me, which gave me great hope and a chance. Then, we started getting closer and seeing each other, but we broke up in the end.”

Kim, 39, added with a sad smile: “After the breakup, I even wrote the song with the hope that we would get back together. But she’s now married.”

Meanwhile, singer Lee Jung Hyun revealed “I went to a club when I was four years old.”


credit. en.korea.com