Kim Wonjun visit Park So Hyun’s Love Game

Kim Wonjun who will star in Sherlock Holmes The Musical which will be held on 2011-08-06 ~ 2011-09-25, went to Park Sohyun’s Love Games as a guest star to promote his musical performances.

They both are acting as husband and wife in one of the Reality Show “We Got Married”, do not forget to do photoshot who showed their solidarity and closeness.

Kim Wonjun that should be a guest star in Love Games in a few days ago, had to postpone his schedule because of bad weather that occurred in Korea some time ago. and only able to carry out promotion yesterday.

Park So Hyun upload their photos via twitter and got a response from various Bravers, name of the fans who love this couple. Someone replied: unni ~ jjang brave couple! ^ ^ I love u unni ~ and If Both of you dating in the real life, it Will be good. You look match each other.

Park So Hyun’s twitter update:

굿아침~RT @lovegame1077 어제 생방 도중, 또 깜짝방문에, 출연도 살짝 하신 원준님! 밀당을 주제로 얘기하다, 소현DJ가- “우리는 동료였으니까 밀당할 일이 없었는데, 우결 찍으면서 은근 밀당을 하게 되더라.”라고 했더니.. 원준
[TRANS] @shp7575: Good morning~RT @lovegame1077 During the yesterday radio, Wonjun visited us and joined us for little so unexpectedly! Talking about ‘Love game’ DJ Sohyun said-“I thought we were just co-workers but I do get to play love game during WGM.”

RT @lovegame1077 그리고 어김없이 커피를 사다주신 자칭 외조남! 센스남 원준님. 근처에 뮤지컬<셜록 홈즈>연습하러 오셨다가, 시간이 되서 잠시 들르셨다고 하는데.. 셜럭 홈즈도 대박나세요.러브게임가족들도 응원 중!
[TRANS] @shp7575: RT @lovegame1077 And once again he brought Sohyun’s coffee aka PERFECT GUY! Sweet guy Wonjun. He was practicing Musical and it was time for ‘Love Game’ so he stopped by… Good luck with Sherlock Holmes! LoveGame staffs are wishing u a good luck!

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