|SCOOP| Suzy and Kim Won Joon’s photo shock fans?


miss A‘s Suzy and Kim Won Joon‘s photo shocked fans.

On the 29th, Kim Won Joon tweeted, “☆The 18th Korean Musical Awards☆2MC” and attached a photo with Suzy. In the two photos, the two are posing cutely while holding the cue cards for the 18th Korean Musical Awards.

Even though it was a normal photo, fans were shocked because Kim Won Joon is 39 and Suzy is 18, giving them an age difference of 21 years. However, even with the 21 year difference, Kim Won Joon looked only slightly older than Suzy, surprising fans with his young face.

Fans commented, “I can’t believe they’re 21 years apart“, “Kim Won Joon’s baby face is almost scary…“, and “Both of them are cute“.

credit. allkpop