Park So Hyun sighs at Kim Won Joon’s conservative side in We Got Married

In the episode of MBC’s We Got Married which aired on the 6th, Kim Won Joon, Park So Hyun, and Kim’s nieces went on an outing at Samchung-dong.

The couple Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun chose to go to the shoe store for Kim’s nieces who visited Korea for vacation.

Park offered to buy heels for Kim’s nieces, but Kim frowned at their choices saying, “Aren’t those a little loud?”

Nieces took Park’s side opposing Kim’s taste, and Park also said, “Kim seems very conservative.”

But later, they spent good time at retro museum inSamchung-dong.

Kim showed jealousy when they were talking about Park’s university life when she was majoring ballet, saying, “You must have had physical contacts with other guys when you were dancing.”

Source: TV Report +